His family asked him to stay away from her, for she was a Muslim. Her family instructed her to stay away from him, for he was a Hindu. But Love never taught them to differentiate between religions, it just taught them to love, with all their heart, with a motive to keep the other one happy. They had to lie to their families to meet, had to communicate through friends, leave indirect messages for each other. For they knew, nothing could separate them after being together for 7 years.

They knew problems would come at every step, giving up looked like a better option. But they held onto each other, for they knew Love shall win. And when it’s true Love, after a point, families too realize.

Today, they are going for their honeymoon to Newzealand, the place they always wanted to make love.

Love- True Love holds on to each other through tough times & wins the battle in the end. Giving up may look easy, but those who hold on, experience love all their life.