I had purchased this book sometime back while browsing an online store. The concept looked interesting, revolving around the life of people stuck in cubicles and how there’s a revolution around the word “cubicle”.

The book starts with the story of a guy Mayukh, a manager; who spends all his time in his cubicle trying to meet deadlines and building a bright future for him and his family. One fine day, he is take aback when he discovers a strange virus in his laptop, which is acting like a nagging girlfriend telling him what all to do; while he is loaded with work and deadline pressure. But soon the guy realizes how this virus was taking over his life and bringing him out of the long hours of his cubicle.

This virus helps him reconnects with himself, his family and his team members. He learns how high performance at work can also be achieved while maintaining a life-work balance. He also realizes that spending long hours in the cubicle is not the only ladder to success, but at times taking it easy and stepping out-of-the-cubicle brings a drastic change. Everyone around him notices the changes in him and are quite happy about it, especially his wife and son. As the virus disappears, Mayukh struggles to keep up with the same lifestyle. But ultimately, he realizes that he’ll make his own checklist and spread the revolution around.

The characters are simple and easy to connect with. The book is short, crisp and a good-to-read light fiction. Infact, every person working in a cubicle can relate to it and learn a lot from it. The author has done a good job with the graphics added throughout the book. A must read for all the workaholics out there!

I’d rate it 4/5.