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I had purchased this book sometime back while browsing an online store. The concept looked interesting, revolving around the life of people stuck in cubicles and how there’s a revolution around the word “cubicle”.

The book starts with the story of a guy Mayukh, a manager; who spends all his time in his cubicle trying to meet deadlines and building a bright future for him and his family. One fine day, he is take aback when he discovers a strange virus in his laptop, which is acting like a nagging girlfriend telling him what all to do; while he is loaded with work and deadline pressure. But soon the guy realizes how this virus was taking over his life and bringing him out of the long hours of his cubicle.

This virus helps him reconnects with himself, his family and his team members. He learns how high performance at work can also be achieved while maintaining a life-work balance. He also realizes that spending long hours in the cubicle is not the only ladder to success, but at times taking it easy and stepping out-of-the-cubicle brings a drastic change. Everyone around him notices the changes in him and are quite happy about it, especially his wife and son. As the virus disappears, Mayukh struggles to keep up with the same lifestyle. But ultimately, he realizes that he’ll make his own checklist and spread the revolution around.

The characters are simple and easy to connect with. The book is short, crisp and a good-to-read light fiction. Infact, every person working in a cubicle can relate to it and learn a lot from it. The author has done a good job with the graphics added throughout the book. A must read for all the workaholics out there!

I’d rate it 4/5.


Before starting the review, let me take a moment and thank Mr. Nirav Sanghavi, the CEO of BlogAdda for giving this amazing opportunity.

BlogAdda had this books Review program open and signed copies of “The Bankster” by Ravi Subramanian were up for a giveaway. The synopsis of the book totally made me all excited since it was a thriller. I signed up for it without much hope since it was my first try at such giveaways. The e-mail that I’d been selected was a surprise and brought a huge smile on my face. Since I was out of town, I started reading this book just few days back and here I am with a review.

The story revolves around 3 plots, each of which is different & unrelated from each other & there is a thrill with each one. The first one being in Ankola, where a cover CIA agent is about to exchange weapons for blood diamonds. The second one in Kerela, where an elderly man will do whatever it takes to fulfill a promise made to a dying son. The third one and the central one in Mumbai, where an international bank calls GB2 (Greater Boston Global Bank) is stunned by the mysterious deaths of its key employees. In between all of them, a reporter and an ex-banker Karan Punjabi makes an entry who digs into the matter and tries to unravel the conspiracy.

Subramanian has brought in light the corporate culture in banks, the jealousy and tactics associated with the industry. The book also expressed how the top-level management manipulates the working of the whole system of the bank. It throws light on how charm can work over experience and how influence works in banks. The author has well captured the working culture of most corporates and presented the real picture in the book.

The language used by the author is pretty simple. There is a usage of Hinglish (Hindi+ English) words but it all makes an interesting read, especially for people with a good understanding of the language. The book unravels the mystery and suspense in due course of time. This is the reason you cannot keep the book down until you finish it. The writing style is pretty interesting and the book gets a bit slow only at some parts, which is manageable. Another interesting thing about the book is it’s Title- Bankster which is a combination of Bank + Gangster, which does make it a hot seller.

I’d definitely recommend this book if you like reading a simple book with lots of suspense and mystery. This book is an honest effort by the author, which comes across while you’re reading the book. The mannerism in which the author writes about 3 plots, totally unrelated, yet in parallel is commendable.

Overall, a good read. A hot read if you’re going on a long journey.

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P.S I Love You..

Does this Title ring a bell? Yes for people who love reading books or watching movies. P.S  I Love You is a very popular novel by Cecelia Ahern which was later produced as a movie starring Gerard Butler as Gerry and Hilary Swank as Holly.

"The Bestseller Book"

"The Movie"












I had seen the movie some 3 years back and infact this was one of the very first few english movies I watched (when serious hollywood craze started). I loved it for the fact it was touching, beautifully potrayed the love between 2 people. The movie revolves around the beautiful couple Gerry and Holly who are madly in love with each other. Due to illness, Gerry dies and this leaves Holly with no life. She cannot accept the fact that his love was gone, the man she wanted to spend her entire life with. With time, she discovers that her husband has left a series of love notes for her to discover herself, to live life again and to be the person she was before he left her.The shoe making business that Holly starts was dazzling. The movie takes you through the journey of their happy times, the heart crunching moments and the sweet love notes that dawns upon you how true love can conquer anything.

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Novels,I always loved reading them but due to studies had to cut off from the beautiful world of reading..Chicken Soup series-One of the very famous series has many versions like for the Mother’s soul,Traveller’s Soul,Teenage Soul etc..I was gifted the part 3 Teenage soul series by a friend around 5 years back..Although i read some of it that time but because of studies all in vain..Now sometime back i got my reading habit back and finally real the lovely book 🙂

This books contains stories on Relationships,Friendship,Love,Family,Tough stuff and Growing up..Must say this book is a real helpout stuff for the teens and even people above that age..U just get to know the real stories and surely get a meaning,a moral out of them :)..These small things ,if kept in mind can wonders for one’s life and help you to improve it for sure..The book makes an impact on you and ur mind..

Teen life is a tough age-considering the peer pressure,studies,parents pressurization for getting a gud college for faring gud in exams,love tensions problems and lots more..People in their teen life are just so confused and donot know what to do..How to handle the pressure..This book is for THEM :)..Something in life that guides u,something that awakens u and something that bring a new life in u-Its this book :D..

So guys n gals..Do try out this book..Or i shuld say try out the whole series :)..I just culdnt stop doing awww after finishing every story every chapter..Check out..Have fun reading !!

Love n books,
Ankita/Anku 🙂

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