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Remember the last time you wrote a letter to a friend, family or a stranger? You’d ask why write a letter when you can stay in touch through social networking sites or phone. Also, who has the time or the patience.


I wrote a letter to a friend few days back, with no specific agenda, with nothing to say yet when I started writing, there was so much to write, so much to say. That’s the magic of handwritten letters. When you’re writing, you’re pouring your heart out, without thinking too much. You’re giving them all your attention unlike apps like Whatsapp where you’re talking to multiple people or social networking sites where multiple people and multiple
things distract you. A letter ensures the words are flowing directly from the heart, without much interference from the mind.

In today’s world while we are running around, connecting to zillions of people; it’s important to pause and focus. That’s where writing a letter helps. Even if you’re writing to yourself, you’re disconnecting from everything else and just giving all the attention to yourself. I feel we are forgetting the art of focusing one one thing at a time, we want to multitask all the time, our brain overworking all the time. We want to always win in the race, we want to do 100 things at one time instead of doing one thing a 100 times.

But every time we write a letter, we a giving our brain some rest time, we are relieving it of stress and we are giving our undivided attention to a person. So, pick up a pen and a paper and write. There is nothing wrong or right when you’re writing a letter. At times, it’s plain
gibberish or random thoughts put on a paper. It’s a timeless way to tell someone how much they matter, how much you care, how important they are- for you’ve put aside everything to write to them. Remember how our older generations used to write to each other, and wait patiently for the letter to reach the recipient. Letters may not bring instant gratification but they can warm a heart, they can spread happiness like no electronic communication can. Letters are a small part of you travelling via words to a person. And if you think you’ve nobody to write to, reach out and write to a stranger. You’d be surprised to know how few words can matter so much to someone.

And in case you’re getting a handwritten letter from someone, please VALUE it. I cannot say it enough that very few people would take out time and write in the current times. Even if you cannot write back, tell the person how much the letter matters. That’s the least you can do. And preserve it, for one day when you’re feeling low, this letter would do wonders. For this letter is a small reminder how much you mean to someone. For this letter is a beautiful memory of someone who treasures you.

Let me know your thoughts on Handwritten letters!












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As a digital marketing professional, digital medium is what I live, breathe and repeat each day. With so much information getting absorbed every single moment, there are times when it all becomes too much to handle. You’re so connected to everything, that it gets scary and overwhelming.

And that’s the best time to go for a Digital detox. It involves deactivating your major social profiles for few days, including Whatsapp and stay disconnected. The only medium you’re probably available on is Email, because Hey, you can’t ignore your email. Digital detox is from personal connections, not from work- Always remember that.

The most important part of a detox – You just disappear from everywhere, without shouting it loud and telling every person who might listen to you, but after finishing any pending tasks you might have. If you shout about your detox before actually going for it, it loses value and all of it. My detox sessions are mostly impulsive, but my mind knows when to press that Red button.

Do you need a DETOX,  see the Checklist and decide :-

1) Social media is on your mind ALWAYS and you’re constantly thinking in 140 or Hashtags.

2) You’re feeling the need of living upto a certain image on Social media and it’s getting monotonous and heavy for the mind.

3) Not spending enough time with your thoughts, and yourself.

4) Losing focus in your real job, relationships and responsibilities.

5) Your friends challenge you to stop with the Facebooking, Tweeting, Instagramming etc. Haha. Probably they’re tired of listening about your non-stop gushing.

So just take a break. It’ll be difficult in the beginning, but your mind will feel lighter. You’d not write/share your thoughts on a platform, but you’d sit and think them with yourself. And it’ll be liberating!!

I’ve been on a detox since Friday and went back after 5 days. This detox helped me to think aloud, watched The Secret that I’d been wanting to since forever. I feel happier and more composed, and definitely got refilled with the Digital energies to delight the world. Do it and feel the change!

#TriviaThere are professional courses and camps for Digital Detox (listed on Google). Even an Android app with the same name was made back in 2010. Some travel websites have separate packages listed under Digital Detox. 
Do let me know in comments about  your Detox, if you’ve been there, done that.

Google has been a benchmark with it’s amazing Doodles. With the new Reunion Ad, featuring the popular Google Search, touched hearts, made people cry and hit them with nostalgia.

The Ad is relatable, because we all have found friends through the Internet. We’ve met, shared, laughed with old friends, revisited memories and formed bonds.

Google Search : Reunion is one of the warmest Ads I’ve ever seen. Watch it & share!

Watch the entire series here- http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-kIBfSqQg3uMx9Z1fOpc7WPw2wDvbhFu

Life is always filled with one word – “Uncertainty“. Life comes with many opportunities , some we grab & others pass by. But a lot of times we do not take them up because we are uncertain if they will work out. Many times, this word “uncertain” scares us and we feel like not doing anything is the best possible thing. But we do not realize that our entire life is revolving around this word.

You have a very successful job, you wake up one day; the economy has crashed, your company decides to shut & your entire life that you must have planned is uncertain in just a matter of few hours. You’ve always thought of going to a certain college but due to your sudden bad health, you’re unable to make it ; again it’s all uncertain. There are countless such situations & examples which prove that Life will never go as we’ve planned , there will always be an iota of uncertainty associated with everything.But my question is then Why do we get scared of taking risks where we know before hand that there is a lot of uncertainty associated with the risk?

There is a very simple explanation to it. As we grow up, we grow in an environment that tells us to just do things that are safe. We are never taught to take risks or do something that would not reach it’s destination. However, I’d say until you take risks, until you learn to have faith on yourself, until you learn the hard way, until you do things that make you happy even though they may be risky; you’ve not really lived Life. If you’d live safely all your life, at the end of it; you’ll realize that you have just passed Life, not actually Lived it.

Take risks even if you know success is uncertain, be it in professional Life or personal Life. It’s this word uncertain that makes life exciting & worth living. You don’t need to be a rebel & do everything that is risky, but at times just plunge in the “uncertain” events and see how Life takes you to a different journey all together.

Keep thinking. And think if you’ve ever done something that was not certain but you took the risk. If you have, smile, for you’ve done something for yourself that seemed wrong to the world but it was right for you 🙂


“CHANGE”- People change, surroundings do, friends do, friendships do, and almost everything that we can think of does change at one or the other point of time. Time may bring a change or an incident or just because some mystical force wants it. And 99% of the times, we donot like this word ‘change’ around us. We generally hear people say- He/ She has changed but do we realize that somewhere down the line we change too.

Like it or not, each of us change, for good or bad that totally depends on the situations. And yet we despise the very same thing always. But to think of it, do you think Life would be exciting at all without changes? Imagine you getting protected by your parents all your life and following their instructions, might sound good to some, but you would feel suffocated after a point of time. When you move out, stay alone and get sad too, want to run back; it’s all a part of the change that’s terrible in the beginning but ultimately you start liking it or it grows on you. Or to put it simply, you get used to it all.

To say it, I’d say the early we get used to changes, the better it is for us. Because Changes won’t ever leave you. They’d bring every emotion with it, from the best to the worst ones. But they will still come, however you may hate them. Changes may not make you happy all the time, but start living with them from today. Face each change with a Smile, someday they might start smiling back at you 🙂


PS- It’s good to be back to the blog after ages.

"Is it"

“Donot talk to strangers, our parents always taught us. And one day they want us to spend our life with a stranger. What irony”

So you’re son is an IAS, you should easily get 5 crores as dowry. So your daughter has completed her graduation, I think it’s high time you start looking for a groom ; What’s your budget like how much money are you going to spend. Just about 1 crore or so, it would take away all my savings until now. Then you could get an engineer or a doctor or even a CA but depends if the guys like your girl.

That’s Arranged marriages in North India for you (maybe the rest of India too) and it’s the most important discussion that goes around when elderly people sit together. It’s as if they are discussing selling and buying the property or shares of a company. A guy is measured merely on the scale of qualification and his parents status quotient and then his selling price is decided by the so-called-society. On the other hand, a girl is merely a toy whose qualifications are generally kept aside or is a basic requirement and she can buy a groom on the basis of the amount of money her parents agree to spend. Like a bookie puts price bets , like a company announces share prices and like they make business deals. Some weddings are fixed for a bigger business. Some for a powerful son-in-law. And some just because the family has to wad off their girl. Sad but true.

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“I wish i could feel that beautiful feeling”

She closed her eyes only to see an unstructured picture of her dream guy. But she knew her family was conservative and things won’t ever work out. The day she entered college , she promised her parents to never let them down or break their trust. But her heart could never come to the terms. She went with a firm mind to not fall for anyone, lest she shall deceive her family. Continue reading

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