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“Pata hai, Yahan se bahut door, Galat aur sahi ke paar, Ek maidan hai. Main wahan milunga tujhe”

It’s not just a movie; it’s a journey of a man, of passion and of a third dimension Music. It’s a journey where you identify with some parts; disagree with others, all the while drowning you in the sea of music. Another love story by Imtiaz Ali, yet so different from his earlier movies. He is a man who knows how to deliver emotions right till your heart, and exactly when to strike the chords. The movie revolves around a very common guy Janardhan Jhakar/ JJ who wants to make it big in music like Jim Morrison but realizes it was never what he wanted. This man doesn’t understand Love but when he does, his woman has moved on to follow the “morally correct path”. On the other hand is this woman, who doesn’t really know what she wants and when she knows, she choses to the wrong path. Rockstar is magical music weaved in this confusion, desperation, love and destiny.

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My sweetheart Music,

It’s one of your lovers, Me. You have been there right from the time I was born. Though I could not understand you, I knew some disturbance was there. At times, I would be crying and some melodious beats would calm me down. Back then, I must have thought that the television makes some noises and I get happy and calm. I never knew about your existence until I was few years old. The strings of my heart were too attached to playing, friends, toys that I must have ignored you. Sometimes for cartoons, other times for  toys. But you were right there, by my side.

I grew up, went to school. My life just revolved around friends. I knew where to knock whenever I was feeling low. I knew with whom to celebrate when I was happy. I went to college. Friendships changed, they matured. Though by now, I started enjoying your company too . At times, I would plug you through my iPod and listen all day, all night. The strings were getting attached at a much deeper level. I was getting to know your effect on me. Though friends still mattered a lot, I knew somewhere you would accompany me when I’d be all alone. Though I was still unaware of your magical powers.

College ended. Some Friends moved far off and some were there, but just not there. Some became busy and for some I became busy. I still relied on people though something got clear- Nobody can be there 24/7. Amidst all the confusions and the up & low phases of life, I finally discovered my soulmate. It was YOU. No matter how much I ignored you, no matter how much I relied on other people, no matter how much I felt you were just a non-living object; I was wrong. The day I discovered this, I found true love. I found the real world, the real peace.

“Jannat mili uss din jis din humne tumko paaya”

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Hey Dearies,

My Love for Punjabi Music is increasing by the day. The new Song ‘Sadi Gali’ from the movie ‘Tanu weds Manu’ and ‘Laung da Lashkara’ from the movie ‘Patiala House’ have completely enthralled me. These songs have been On Loop for me. The contrast is that few years back I never liked Punjabi Music. It irritated the hell out of me and I was always uncomfortable.

But with time, I have started liking the music, the beats, the lyrics. I would not say that I have started liking all the songs but I dunt mind Punjabi Music much now. And some songs make me swing to their beats so much, that I dunt mind swinging to the songs every now and then. A Big Shout Out would go to @djash (on Twitter) aka DJ Aashish who plays Beats From The East on http://www.radio1190.org every Saturday. One has to tune in to his podcast for the ultimate Punjabi Music. You are sure to like Punjabi music much more.

My Current Favs. Have a Look. And check out for yourself 🙂

On this Punjabi Note, I would leave this post. Would be back soon.

Loads of Love,

Hey guys,

I have been very irregular in updating this Blog. It was mainly because I have been downright Lazy and Busy with College. But now since College Ends, I will have a lot of free time on hand. Hoping to update this blog more ofter. Right now am experimenting with the Design of the Blog. Also just playing around. After I joined Twitter, I came across some Super Awesome Blogs and I really feel the need of Upgrading myself a lot on Blogs. The Layout, Colours, Writing and the Most Important Regularity.

My Plan of action is to Update the Blog atleast Twice a week. Stuff I am planning to write :
>>Music n Movies
>>General Stuff
>>Life n Friends

I also hope at some point I follow and complete the Challenge set for Myself which includes writing the blog everyday for a Month . Signing out for now with a promise to be back very soon.

Love n Smiles,

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