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“Friendship” – seems complicated but is a very simple word. You just have to believe in the term. Being a social person that I am, I meet a lot of people everyday. Some believe in friendship while others don’t. And somehow, it’s difficult to explain to few, how it is important to have friends. One can stay alone but too much of it makes you lonely; which is not good. Listing down below are the commandments of Friendship, which I think applies to almost everybody. And they can help you make friends for Life.

  1. Develop Trust – Even if you don’t want to, invest in a little trust. Trust may not come on the 1st day, let it grow on its pace and blossom the relationship.
  2. No Expectations– The word seems good but does a lot of harm. Especially when your friendship is simply budding, do not expect much. You may hurt the beautiful bond. Keep expectation but not so much that the other person feels burdened.                                     Continue reading

"Is it"

“Donot talk to strangers, our parents always taught us. And one day they want us to spend our life with a stranger. What irony”

So you’re son is an IAS, you should easily get 5 crores as dowry. So your daughter has completed her graduation, I think it’s high time you start looking for a groom ; What’s your budget like how much money are you going to spend. Just about 1 crore or so, it would take away all my savings until now. Then you could get an engineer or a doctor or even a CA but depends if the guys like your girl.

That’s Arranged marriages in North India for you (maybe the rest of India too) and it’s the most important discussion that goes around when elderly people sit together. It’s as if they are discussing selling and buying the property or shares of a company. A guy is measured merely on the scale of qualification and his parents status quotient and then his selling price is decided by the so-called-society. On the other hand, a girl is merely a toy whose qualifications are generally kept aside or is a basic requirement and she can buy a groom on the basis of the amount of money her parents agree to spend. Like a bookie puts price bets , like a company announces share prices and like they make business deals. Some weddings are fixed for a bigger business. Some for a powerful son-in-law. And some just because the family has to wad off their girl. Sad but true.

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"The Stages". Credit : I did this myself 🙂

Social world, the virtual world is all about meeting new people and sharing your views etc. We remember some, we forget others. Some make it into the good books, others make it to the bad books. I was just thinking about the stages which each person crosses. In this post, I am going to discuss them.

1. The Conversation – This is the phase that is encountered with every individual you meet. Every day of your life you meet a new person, in the the virtual world. You have conversations, some laughs or it may be boring with a few. Some move to the next stage, Some to the fondness stage and some are just ousted right here.

2. The Liking– After few conversations, you know of people who you like. This is the precursor stage to friendship. Whenever given a chance, you like talking to people you like. There is a certain understanding that keeps you going, though the trust is still building. This is the get to know phase.

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"Love Friendship and the Truth"

Shellz, she used to call me,

24/7 we used to be on the phone,

Mornings evenings and nights.

Friends for life was our mantra,

Nobody could have got it this right.

After all it was 3 years of friendship.


Until one day,

When she met Aakash.

The conversations increased,

The attendance in classes lessened,

But it was just about him.

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"The heart searches.."

I just finished watching ‘Jab We Met’ for the Nth time but it was a different experience this time. I was actually thinking deep while watching it. A lot of aspects touched my heart like anything. I could feel; the music, the happiness, the love, the pain. I could sense the aroma of love in the air. The movie spread a wave of happiness and magic on me instilling a lot of love and letting me into a stream of thoughts. Watch the movie here.

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"The Admiration Mocking Relationship"

“You are so good at this Deep” , I tell him with a lot of love and respect for my lil brother. And pat comes a reply “K’ or at the max “Thankxx”. He sings a “mocking” song for me which irritates me and then amuses me, at the end complimenting him. I adore my brother to that extent. Yes, I do get mad at him and blast at him at times; And at such times he knows he has to be quiet. We have a sort of love mock relationship. I love him and show it in the form of adoration and compliments. He loves me and shows it in the form of his mocking and never fail to amuse me. And I know if ever I need any advice, I have to just go to him and leave it to him. He maybe younger but is very clear on thoughts and makes wise decisions giving the best advice one would want.

Leaving everything aside, I can’t beleive my lil brother is 21. He has grown from a shy indivisual  into a grown up smart and witty guy !! So here’s wishing you a very very “HAPPY BIRTHDAY BHAI”.

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