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Shree Trailer- First Look & More

Shree, a sci-fi movie slated to release on April 26th, 2013 looked interesting right from it’s announcement. The movie stars popular tv star, Hussain Kuwajerwala in his debut; playing the lead character Shree.

Like I talked about Shree in my last post, finally the trailer released. Watch it here :

My take- Intruiging, mysterious and very tempting. That was my first reaction. The trailer makes me more interested in the concept, in the movie & in the actor. First of all, the sci-fi tag was enough to raise my curiosity, then this trailer has totally raised my expectations. Also, the lead actor Hussain Kuwajerwala looks pretty hot, which adds brownie points!

I hope you guys enjoyed the trailer as much as I did. Will defo post a review once I watch the movie!


Shree- The Movie First Look & Poster

Back in 2012, when news of Husein Kuwajerwala doing a movie made rounds; it was a happy moment for his fans. I had written a post here expressing the happiness and pouring good wishes for him. Finally, after a long wait, SHREE is releasing.


The movie is being released under the banner of Ciemme Entertainment. It’s Written and Directed by Rajesh Bachchani and Produced by Vikram M. Shah. They released the first look along with a digital poster video few days back.

You can watch the videos here –

Digital Poster :

First Look :

My Comments – The digital poster amazed me as it looked different. It filled me with a sense of curiosity with the phrases Science, Thriller, Trap together in a movie. It totally made me excited 😀


And the first look, I’d rather talk about the trailer in the next post about Shree!

Do leave your comments/Views about the poster and the first look. The journey has begun. All set for Shree on April 26th!

Keep spreading the word.


Book Review- “The Cubicle Manifesto” by Mainak Dhar


I had purchased this book sometime back while browsing an online store. The concept looked interesting, revolving around the life of people stuck in cubicles and how there’s a revolution around the word “cubicle”.

The book starts with the story of a guy Mayukh, a manager; who spends all his time in his cubicle trying to meet deadlines and building a bright future for him and his family. One fine day, he is take aback when he discovers a strange virus in his laptop, which is acting like a nagging girlfriend telling him what all to do; while he is loaded with work and deadline pressure. But soon the guy realizes how this virus was taking over his life and bringing him out of the long hours of his cubicle.

This virus helps him reconnects with himself, his family and his team members. He learns how high performance at work can also be achieved while maintaining a life-work balance. He also realizes that spending long hours in the cubicle is not the only ladder to success, but at times taking it easy and stepping out-of-the-cubicle brings a drastic change. Everyone around him notices the changes in him and are quite happy about it, especially his wife and son. As the virus disappears, Mayukh struggles to keep up with the same lifestyle. But ultimately, he realizes that he’ll make his own checklist and spread the revolution around.

The characters are simple and easy to connect with. The book is short, crisp and a good-to-read light fiction. Infact, every person working in a cubicle can relate to it and learn a lot from it. The author has done a good job with the graphics added throughout the book. A must read for all the workaholics out there!

I’d rate it 4/5.

Love Diaries # 11

They exchanged e-mails over an year. Trust had built up & they were always eager to get that 1 email in their inboxes. He told her about his new business & she told him about her new hobby classes. They had a world of their own.

It was her birthday & she awaited that 1 e-mail. At 11pm, an e-mail popped & brought a smile on her glum face. It read..

“Happy birthday my dear R”. I can’t fall in love with you. I’m married. Attached is my picture.

She read the e-mail over a 100 times. She opened his pictures he’d sent her & noticed the diamond sparkling on his wedding finger. She still thought it was all a joke & he would send a real surprise. She hurriedly pressed the Reply button & typed-

Stop joking you R. Give me my real surprise.

And pressed Send. It gave the same error the 100 times- Message cannot be sent. The e-mail id doesnot exist anymore.

Her world had crashed down. All she could do was read all his emails again & realize the truth.

Love- Love can hurt, real bad. Know a person well before you let your heart fall madly in love. Love is a real surprise when you fall for the right person, but it can be a real mess when it’s a wrong person. 

An “Ideal” Life Partner- Do they exist?

"Picture Perfect"

“Picture Perfect”

Does this question come to your mind?

We grow up. We have crushes. We fall in love. And we get married- to the person we were in love or to someone our family chose for us. At the end we are happy, with someone we will spend the rest of our life; someone we call as our “ideal” Life partner.

But this word “Marriage” arises a very big question in my mind. Is it the end? Should it be the end? To all the past feelings?

I mean to ask- After marriage, should a person complete forget/erase the people from their past? What do they do when the people from past memories haunt them? Do they panic? Do they seek help from their partners? Will their partners question them/or their commitment?

An “IDEAL” Life partner wouldn’t just be one who cares, who loves, who listens, who pampers, who protects but someone who gives you the power to fight, someone who fights for you, someone who is ready to wait for the real YOU, someone who questions anyone who questions you and someone who holds your hand when your past memories haunt you, someone who is just right and much more.

Thinking of all that, one big question arises. Admist the big bad world, does this term “Ideal partner” exist or is it non-existent like Mayans?

An open ended question, to which I have no answers to!

Love Diaries # 10

They met at a common friends meetup. Facebook requests were sent, e-mails were exchanged but nobody thought they will fall in love. Those two, who took all decisions from their brain & kept their heart at bay. Something struck, not the heart; but the brains. Having a common interest for a lot of things, they started talking. Every now and then, their convos moved from SMS to Facebook to Emails to Chats to Phone calls.

1 year passed & things started changing, but only for her. Maybe her heart had started falling for someone, but she was not sure. She loved talking to him all the time. One person she would talk to, discuss every detail about her life, joke & indulge in leg pulling- it was him. But he wanted to make it big & not think about love. Love was not an option or a choice for him, which she knew very well.

Days passed and she felt more & more confused whether she should confess or not. But someone else was very sure he felt the same. He did special things but she could not notice since she was new to this feeling of Love. She thought he did it all as a friend.

Until one day, when somehow he pushed her to confess her feelings. To tell what was bothering her all the time. Well, at the end, she did confess but with a fear that he would say no.

Viola, it was a yes. It was a yes from the guy who did not want to think about it now. And they are together, hoping to let their hearts talk finally. Hoping to make some moments in which their brain don’t have a say. To finally be the lovers their heart wanted them to be.

Love- It can happen even if you are totally against it. Don’t go by what you/other person thinks; because you never know when the feelings change. You never know when the heart starts talking.

Book Review- “The Bankster” by Ravi Subramanian

Before starting the review, let me take a moment and thank Mr. Nirav Sanghavi, the CEO of BlogAdda for giving this amazing opportunity.

BlogAdda had this books Review program open and signed copies of “The Bankster” by Ravi Subramanian were up for a giveaway. The synopsis of the book totally made me all excited since it was a thriller. I signed up for it without much hope since it was my first try at such giveaways. The e-mail that I’d been selected was a surprise and brought a huge smile on my face. Since I was out of town, I started reading this book just few days back and here I am with a review.

The story revolves around 3 plots, each of which is different & unrelated from each other & there is a thrill with each one. The first one being in Ankola, where a cover CIA agent is about to exchange weapons for blood diamonds. The second one in Kerela, where an elderly man will do whatever it takes to fulfill a promise made to a dying son. The third one and the central one in Mumbai, where an international bank calls GB2 (Greater Boston Global Bank) is stunned by the mysterious deaths of its key employees. In between all of them, a reporter and an ex-banker Karan Punjabi makes an entry who digs into the matter and tries to unravel the conspiracy.

Subramanian has brought in light the corporate culture in banks, the jealousy and tactics associated with the industry. The book also expressed how the top-level management manipulates the working of the whole system of the bank. It throws light on how charm can work over experience and how influence works in banks. The author has well captured the working culture of most corporates and presented the real picture in the book.

The language used by the author is pretty simple. There is a usage of Hinglish (Hindi+ English) words but it all makes an interesting read, especially for people with a good understanding of the language. The book unravels the mystery and suspense in due course of time. This is the reason you cannot keep the book down until you finish it. The writing style is pretty interesting and the book gets a bit slow only at some parts, which is manageable. Another interesting thing about the book is it’s Title- Bankster which is a combination of Bank + Gangster, which does make it a hot seller.

I’d definitely recommend this book if you like reading a simple book with lots of suspense and mystery. This book is an honest effort by the author, which comes across while you’re reading the book. The mannerism in which the author writes about 3 plots, totally unrelated, yet in parallel is commendable.

Overall, a good read. A hot read if you’re going on a long journey.

This review is a part of the Book Reviews Program at BlogAdda.com . Participate now to get free books

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