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“CHANGE”- People change, surroundings do, friends do, friendships do, and almost everything that we can think of does change at one or the other point of time. Time may bring a change or an incident or just because some mystical force wants it. And 99% of the times, we donot like this word ‘change’ around us. We generally hear people say- He/ She has changed but do we realize that somewhere down the line we change too.

Like it or not, each of us change, for good or bad that totally depends on the situations. And yet we despise the very same thing always. But to think of it, do you think Life would be exciting at all without changes? Imagine you getting protected by your parents all your life and following their instructions, might sound good to some, but you would feel suffocated after a point of time. When you move out, stay alone and get sad too, want to run back; it’s all a part of the change that’s terrible in the beginning but ultimately you start liking it or it grows on you. Or to put it simply, you get used to it all.

To say it, I’d say the early we get used to changes, the better it is for us. Because Changes won’t ever leave you. They’d bring every emotion with it, from the best to the worst ones. But they will still come, however you may hate them. Changes may not make you happy all the time, but start living with them from today. Face each change with a Smile, someday they might start smiling back at you 🙂


PS- It’s good to be back to the blog after ages.


p.s- ^^ Graphic done by Me

“Why Live when we are going to die one day?”

This was a question a 13-year-old asked me, which left me speechless as to how a small child could think so deep. I thought a lot and then I knew what I had to tell her. We need to live because God loves us. God gave us Life with a beautiful body, an intelligent mind and a thoughtful heart. He made an entire universe, made atleast few people who’d be our companions (friends) and gave us a family who’d love us unconditionally. He made some people funny, some philosophical, some serious and some bubbly. All of this was done to balance out each and every person, each and every emotion. For every angry person, they’d be a cheerful person; for every disgraceful thought, they’d be a thoughtful genuine thought.

Life is all about experiencing it all. It may not be a rosy path, but there’s certainly no fun in a path that dosenot include adventures and new lanes along with a lot of surprises. If we always knew how our life shall be, one day we’d be bored and probably wait for the end. Life is that path, that lets you explore the surprises and add thrill and excitement to them. Life is about experiencing every emotion that you can feel, communicating with every kind of person in terms of culture, country or the sense of thought.

 Life is just not perfect but the imperfections work well if you let it live its pace. The experiences may not always be good but there’ll be surely some instances that’d make you smile when you are about to die. There would be some people around you who would want to reverse back time and re-live life with you when you are about to die. There shall be memories etched in your forgetful mind that shall well up your eyes when you’re about to die. There shall be instances that might have brought tears when they occurred but now you can’t help but laugh at your stupidity. There shall be music you shall have drowned in, delicacies you would have savored, continents you’d have travelled and explored. There shall also be moments where you had felt dying would be easy, but you cross those phases. There shall have just one moment, which shall force you to tell god – Dear God, please let me live more. All of these are few reasons we need to live for, and not just think of death before we even start living.

We take our life too seriously and in the process forget living. The lesson she learnt now shall remain with her forever, in her happy moments and her low times. The passion to Live should be ignited at intervals with positive energy, excitement and lots of lively thoughts. And if you won’t ignite, someone else will. Despite all the negativity, Life is worth living, not just dragging. Give it a chance.

That was a small chapter of Life from the book of thoughts on Life from my heart. Hope it shall make atleast 1 person S.M.I.L.E ! Thanks for reading.


“Pata hai, Yahan se bahut door, Galat aur sahi ke paar, Ek maidan hai. Main wahan milunga tujhe”

It’s not just a movie; it’s a journey of a man, of passion and of a third dimension Music. It’s a journey where you identify with some parts; disagree with others, all the while drowning you in the sea of music. Another love story by Imtiaz Ali, yet so different from his earlier movies. He is a man who knows how to deliver emotions right till your heart, and exactly when to strike the chords. The movie revolves around a very common guy Janardhan Jhakar/ JJ who wants to make it big in music like Jim Morrison but realizes it was never what he wanted. This man doesn’t understand Love but when he does, his woman has moved on to follow the “morally correct path”. On the other hand is this woman, who doesn’t really know what she wants and when she knows, she choses to the wrong path. Rockstar is magical music weaved in this confusion, desperation, love and destiny.

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“Friendship” – seems complicated but is a very simple word. You just have to believe in the term. Being a social person that I am, I meet a lot of people everyday. Some believe in friendship while others don’t. And somehow, it’s difficult to explain to few, how it is important to have friends. One can stay alone but too much of it makes you lonely; which is not good. Listing down below are the commandments of Friendship, which I think applies to almost everybody. And they can help you make friends for Life.

  1. Develop Trust – Even if you don’t want to, invest in a little trust. Trust may not come on the 1st day, let it grow on its pace and blossom the relationship.
  2. No Expectations– The word seems good but does a lot of harm. Especially when your friendship is simply budding, do not expect much. You may hurt the beautiful bond. Keep expectation but not so much that the other person feels burdened.                                     Continue reading

"The Stages". Credit : I did this myself 🙂

Social world, the virtual world is all about meeting new people and sharing your views etc. We remember some, we forget others. Some make it into the good books, others make it to the bad books. I was just thinking about the stages which each person crosses. In this post, I am going to discuss them.

1. The Conversation – This is the phase that is encountered with every individual you meet. Every day of your life you meet a new person, in the the virtual world. You have conversations, some laughs or it may be boring with a few. Some move to the next stage, Some to the fondness stage and some are just ousted right here.

2. The Liking– After few conversations, you know of people who you like. This is the precursor stage to friendship. Whenever given a chance, you like talking to people you like. There is a certain understanding that keeps you going, though the trust is still building. This is the get to know phase.

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"Love Friendship and the Truth"

Shellz, she used to call me,

24/7 we used to be on the phone,

Mornings evenings and nights.

Friends for life was our mantra,

Nobody could have got it this right.

After all it was 3 years of friendship.


Until one day,

When she met Aakash.

The conversations increased,

The attendance in classes lessened,

But it was just about him.

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