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"The Major Transition"

I have been using Windows from the past 8 years and recently got my MacBook Pro *happy panda face*. The first day with the MAC was a little tough. If you use a mac, you know the commands and its working is different. But on the brighter side, its been an amazing experience ever since .

I have a MacBook Pro 13.3″ , 2.7 Ghz processor with i7. The features that I found epic are :

1. Battery Life -It is the best feature of Apple products. I normally get a 6-7 hour battery life with Wi-Fi. My other laptops hardly gave me 2.5 hours or so.

2. The Trackpad- It  lets me scroll down with 2 fingers, zoom with a pinch, right-click with a gesture and so on.

3. Backlit Keyboard- The keyboard has lights beneath it. If you have to use your laptop in dark, this feature is a saviour. You can increase/decrease the brightness as per you need.

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"The Apple that dazzles the world"

The legendary name ‘Steve Jobs ‘ rings a bell in every head that loves technology. And it brings a huge smile to every face that’s uses the products made by him. Steve Jobs is the co-founder & the vision of Apple. He called it iQuit  as the CEO of Apple 2 days back and to be honest it’s a sad day. The aura and the highly creative vision that he had is a rare possession.

When the white Apple logo shines, it creates magic. It somewhat draws one to itself.  Highly overpriced at the first look but totally worth it after you buy them. The products are the pieces of art that have a good appearance and a highly sharp brain as well. If you get used to Apple, you just cannot use anything else. Be it the iPod, iPhone or Mac; they are the perfect example of how far technology can be couples with art.

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