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Plans, plans & some more plans..

We often keep planning a lot for out present and our future for our professional & personal life. Our thoughts keep wandering in the future. And as a human being, we want something good to happen to us & we make N number of plans, without taking in account that someone else has a say on our life too. Even though our plans fail N number of times, we’d still make plans; because that’s human nature. Every time our plan fails, life changes & takes some other direction and our whole planning for the future goes down the drain.

It brings us to 1 question – Should we stop thinking or stop making plans? Should we just leave everything on God? Should we just sit idle?

The answer that justifies everything is – Make plans, think, but be prepared for everything (the good & the worst). The plan may or may not go according to you, it may be something exactly similar or something totally opposite. Understand that everything is not in your control except your thoughts. Never get disheartened by the final plan, because at the end it’s for your good.

We often keep looking at the smaller picture & end up neglecting the larger picture of life. If we look at it, we’ll realize that every decision, every plan, every failure has been of some significance & when we look back it brings a smile on our face. There may be a lot of incidents that have no explanation, but somewhere down the line you’d definitely get your answers.

All this comes from personal experience. My life has been a roller coaster ride. A lot of plans made & everytime something blasted it off. It does make me sad for a while but when I look at the larger picture of life, it gives me some peace & I have a faith that everything happens for a reason. Life does change in the wink of an eye, but we have to keep on moving. We have to keep on making plans without expectations, keep getting knocked down ; but stand up stronger every single time !

So if you’re going through a tough time, remember someone somewhere is planning the best for you. Every single incident in your life happens for some good reason. And get up & fight back 🙂



“CHANGE”- People change, surroundings do, friends do, friendships do, and almost everything that we can think of does change at one or the other point of time. Time may bring a change or an incident or just because some mystical force wants it. And 99% of the times, we donot like this word ‘change’ around us. We generally hear people say- He/ She has changed but do we realize that somewhere down the line we change too.

Like it or not, each of us change, for good or bad that totally depends on the situations. And yet we despise the very same thing always. But to think of it, do you think Life would be exciting at all without changes? Imagine you getting protected by your parents all your life and following their instructions, might sound good to some, but you would feel suffocated after a point of time. When you move out, stay alone and get sad too, want to run back; it’s all a part of the change that’s terrible in the beginning but ultimately you start liking it or it grows on you. Or to put it simply, you get used to it all.

To say it, I’d say the early we get used to changes, the better it is for us. Because Changes won’t ever leave you. They’d bring every emotion with it, from the best to the worst ones. But they will still come, however you may hate them. Changes may not make you happy all the time, but start living with them from today. Face each change with a Smile, someday they might start smiling back at you 🙂


PS- It’s good to be back to the blog after ages.

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