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They exchanged e-mails over an year. Trust had built up & they were always eager to get that 1 email in their inboxes. He told her about his new business & she told him about her new hobby classes. They had a world of their own.

It was her birthday & she awaited that 1 e-mail. At 11pm, an e-mail popped & brought a smile on her glum face. It read..

“Happy birthday my dear R”. I can’t fall in love with you. I’m married. Attached is my picture.

She read the e-mail over a 100 times. She opened his pictures he’d sent her & noticed the diamond sparkling on his wedding finger. She still thought it was all a joke & he would send a real surprise. She hurriedly pressed the Reply button & typed-

Stop joking you R. Give me my real surprise.

And pressed Send. It gave the same error the 100 times- Message cannot be sent. The e-mail id doesnot exist anymore.

Her world had crashed down. All she could do was read all his emails again & realize the truth.

Love- Love can hurt, real bad. Know a person well before you let your heart fall madly in love. Love is a real surprise when you fall for the right person, but it can be a real mess when it’s a wrong person. 


They loved each other but she didn’t want to lose her best friend. He never thought she could love him, for she was the most beautiful girl he had ever met. They spent all the time with each other making memories.

He was her emergency number. She was his feel-good person. It was getting difficult for both of them to see the other as just-a-friend. They decided to change cities without telling the other.

He- I’ll leave her a letter before going. I don’t want her to get hurt.

She- I’ll drop him an e-mail before going. He would be devastated otherwise.

Everything was packed. They were set to leave for their new destinations, only after confessing their true feelings. They just wanted the other one to be happy with whoever they fall in love with.

He dropped the letter & she sent the e-mail, not knowing that she had already left the house for forever & he had deleted his e-mail id for forever. Their love could be an epic love story but ..

..they never came to know.

Love- If you love someone & you feel it’s true, express it. Your story could be an epic love story. Express before time fails you.


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