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They met at a common friends meetup. Facebook requests were sent, e-mails were exchanged but nobody thought they will fall in love. Those two, who took all decisions from their brain & kept their heart at bay. Something struck, not the heart; but the brains. Having a common interest for a lot of things, they started talking. Every now and then, their convos moved from SMS to Facebook to Emails to Chats to Phone calls.

1 year passed & things started changing, but only for her. Maybe her heart had started falling for someone, but she was not sure. She loved talking to him all the time. One person she would talk to, discuss every detail about her life, joke & indulge in leg pulling- it was him. But he wanted to make it big & not think about love. Love was not an option or a choice for him, which she knew very well.

Days passed and she felt more & more confused whether she should confess or not. But someone else was very sure he felt the same. He did special things but she could not notice since she was new to this feeling of Love. She thought he did it all as a friend.

Until one day, when somehow he pushed her to confess her feelings. To tell what was bothering her all the time. Well, at the end, she did confess but with a fear that he would say no.

Viola, it was a yes. It was a yes from the guy who did not want to think about it now. And they are together, hoping to let their hearts talk finally. Hoping to make some moments in which their brain don’t have a say. To finally be the lovers their heart wanted them to be.

Love- It can happen even if you are totally against it. Don’t go by what you/other person thinks; because you never know when the feelings change. You never know when the heart starts talking.


“Love cannot be defined, it can only be felt. In those heartwarming messages, soft hugs & passionate kisses”

Love- an emotion we feel towards very few people in our life. These diaries are a set of “fictional situations/stories” to potray the feeling of love & bring about a lesson with them. I shall also try to share some real life stories from people. At times, hearts break & other times broken hearts are mended by this very emotion. It’s said to be one of the strongest ever emotions which can heal a tormented person & which can hurt a happy person.

People say one should feel this emotion atleast once in their life. “It’s better to have lost in love than to never have felt it”. Attraction, Crush, Love- all very different from each other yet all have a similarity between them — > You’re happy even without a reason for a moment.

I shall try to bring out all sides of love through the “Love Diaries” project. Stay tuned & fall in love, yet again !


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