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I help a friend and feel happy. But I do expect them to help me when you need them..

I like a guy. I take out time for him. I care for him. I expect him to do the same..

I get gifts for my family. I also expect them to get me gifts at some point of time..

I have guests at home and I’m the best host possible. I also expect them to treat me the same way when I go to their house..

And when these expectations are not met, we get hurt. Each person expects, either consciously or subconsciously. At times we are hurt , other times we hurt others. It’s a vicious circle.

It is said that we should do everything without any expectations , then Y do we keep them. If we know expectations hurt, then y do we keep them ? Y do we like to get hurt ?

It’s because we are humans. We are customized this way that we expect automatically. And every time our expectations are not met , we get hurt. Hurt is what helps us grow. Love is no doubt the ultimate thing which evolves us as a person, but until we have got hurt ,we don’t grow completely.

The day we stop expecting is when we grow complete. It’s the day we reach the ultimate stage. Though in today’s times, it’s close to impossible to reach there.

Do give it a thought.



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