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Dear God,

Whatever you do is for a reason though we may or may not understand. At times, we abuse you because things don’t happen our way. Other times, we thank you because you’ve given us much more than we expected or deserved. Though we abuse much more than the thanking, all because we don’t realize our patience is being tested or we’re not seeing the bigger picture of life.

I have done the same, not once, but numerous times. There have been times I’ve lost faith too, and totally got disconnected from you. But faith has returned & you’ve tried to give me the best, even if it looked bad to me. Today, I totally understand what you mean when you say- Have faith, have patience & trust me. There have been times you tested my faith & tempted me, only to see how much I trusted you.

Also, it’s said that you punish those who hurt us & do wrong. But Dear God, I just have one request. Donot hurt them who’ve hurt me, for they were once special & dear to me. For they made me happy, even if it was for a moment. For they’ve left me with a valuable lesson of life.

I thank you for whatever you’ve given me, for whatever you’ve taken from me. For you, know the best.

Yours sincere child,


P.S- I really wanted to express these emotions & it feels good. I am sure my words reach out to you.



Thoughts, Thoughts & more Thoughts..

I was reading a blog post on how every person comes to our life for a purpose & we right away know they are here to teach us a lesson. This small question has started a chain of thoughts in my mind. A lot of questions popped into my mind.

  1. If we know every person if here for some definite purpose, how do we come to know if their stay in our life is temporary or permanent.
  2. How do we know when their purpose has ended. What if you fight but still that person ends up being in your life for some more time. Does this mean their purpose has not ended or does this mean you’re winning from God for some time.
  3. Are their any people in our life who come for a permanent purpose?
  4. After their purpose has ended, what if we don’t want to let them go. What if we are ready to take the hurt & not let them go. 

I am going to focus on the last question. Because that is what the title suggests too. A person came to your life for a purpose & it has ended. You know it, they know it & the universe is telling you that. But somehow you don’t want to let them go. God has his way of sending people out of you life, but you’re not letting this one person go. It all starts with fights, you still don’t want them to go. Then it moves on to hurt, you still don’t want to let them go. This goes on & on, but you’re not willing to move. All this time, are you winning from God or their purpose was pseudo-completed which you thought had completed & is yet to finish completion. Will you be successful in winning each time or will God send that person out of your life somehow. Will God change his decision of he knows where your happiness lies. Or will he still send the person out of your life when he knows its time. At the end, is it your happiness or God’s decisions?

These questions remain unanswered. I would love to hear the answers, if someone has them.

Do think if you’ve gone through this situation.


p.s- ^^ Graphic done by Me

“Why Live when we are going to die one day?”

This was a question a 13-year-old asked me, which left me speechless as to how a small child could think so deep. I thought a lot and then I knew what I had to tell her. We need to live because God loves us. God gave us Life with a beautiful body, an intelligent mind and a thoughtful heart. He made an entire universe, made atleast few people who’d be our companions (friends) and gave us a family who’d love us unconditionally. He made some people funny, some philosophical, some serious and some bubbly. All of this was done to balance out each and every person, each and every emotion. For every angry person, they’d be a cheerful person; for every disgraceful thought, they’d be a thoughtful genuine thought.

Life is all about experiencing it all. It may not be a rosy path, but there’s certainly no fun in a path that dosenot include adventures and new lanes along with a lot of surprises. If we always knew how our life shall be, one day we’d be bored and probably wait for the end. Life is that path, that lets you explore the surprises and add thrill and excitement to them. Life is about experiencing every emotion that you can feel, communicating with every kind of person in terms of culture, country or the sense of thought.

 Life is just not perfect but the imperfections work well if you let it live its pace. The experiences may not always be good but there’ll be surely some instances that’d make you smile when you are about to die. There would be some people around you who would want to reverse back time and re-live life with you when you are about to die. There shall be memories etched in your forgetful mind that shall well up your eyes when you’re about to die. There shall be instances that might have brought tears when they occurred but now you can’t help but laugh at your stupidity. There shall be music you shall have drowned in, delicacies you would have savored, continents you’d have travelled and explored. There shall also be moments where you had felt dying would be easy, but you cross those phases. There shall have just one moment, which shall force you to tell god – Dear God, please let me live more. All of these are few reasons we need to live for, and not just think of death before we even start living.

We take our life too seriously and in the process forget living. The lesson she learnt now shall remain with her forever, in her happy moments and her low times. The passion to Live should be ignited at intervals with positive energy, excitement and lots of lively thoughts. And if you won’t ignite, someone else will. Despite all the negativity, Life is worth living, not just dragging. Give it a chance.

That was a small chapter of Life from the book of thoughts on Life from my heart. Hope it shall make atleast 1 person S.M.I.L.E ! Thanks for reading.



A small life it is,

Where you come alone, And you go alone.

A long life it is,

When you come alone, Untill you go back alone.


The time in between is important,

From the childhood to the Old age.

This is the time, When you need that person,

The person for the lifetime.

The person who can stand by,

For all this time.

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