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He buzzed her on Gtalk.

He- DND? Really?

She- Oh yes, but few people are barred from it.

He- And me?

She- What do you want to hear?

He- I know I am barred.

She- Someone is pretty overconfident.

He- Someone has been talking to me even with the DND status.

She- Shut up. Say what happened.

He- Just wanted to disturb you.

She- Let me work, else I’ll disturb you for life.

He- Who has stopped you?

She- Sheeeshh

That was their first conversation. Minutes to hours, they started talking everyday. The day started with the buzz & ended with a phone call. She ignored everyone else to talk to him. He made her feel special. Soon enough, they had a small world of their own.

Slowly the word they detested, “Love” stopped by. They couldn’t resist the feeling & gave in. Things started changing & it all felt like a mistake. Fights, tears, misunderstandings were all that were left.

And soon they parted ways. Love left them before they could trust each other, before they could solve the issues one last time. Yet they wish they could have the DND conversation again & pass by the detested emotion “Love”, yet be in each other’s life forever.

Love- Not everyone in love is meant to be together. After a point, even people in love cannot solve the issues cropping between them. Best one can do is, to let it be & just be happy that they felt the feeling of Love.



"The Stages". Credit : I did this myself 🙂

Social world, the virtual world is all about meeting new people and sharing your views etc. We remember some, we forget others. Some make it into the good books, others make it to the bad books. I was just thinking about the stages which each person crosses. In this post, I am going to discuss them.

1. The Conversation – This is the phase that is encountered with every individual you meet. Every day of your life you meet a new person, in the the virtual world. You have conversations, some laughs or it may be boring with a few. Some move to the next stage, Some to the fondness stage and some are just ousted right here.

2. The Liking– After few conversations, you know of people who you like. This is the precursor stage to friendship. Whenever given a chance, you like talking to people you like. There is a certain understanding that keeps you going, though the trust is still building. This is the get to know phase.

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