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They met at a common friends meetup. Facebook requests were sent, e-mails were exchanged but nobody thought they will fall in love. Those two, who took all decisions from their brain & kept their heart at bay. Something struck, not the heart; but the brains. Having a common interest for a lot of things, they started talking. Every now and then, their convos moved from SMS to Facebook to Emails to Chats to Phone calls.

1 year passed & things started changing, but only for her. Maybe her heart had started falling for someone, but she was not sure. She loved talking to him all the time. One person she would talk to, discuss every detail about her life, joke & indulge in leg pulling- it was him. But he wanted to make it big & not think about love. Love was not an option or a choice for him, which she knew very well.

Days passed and she felt more & more confused whether she should confess or not. But someone else was very sure he felt the same. He did special things but she could not notice since she was new to this feeling of Love. She thought he did it all as a friend.

Until one day, when somehow he pushed her to confess her feelings. To tell what was bothering her all the time. Well, at the end, she did confess but with a fear that he would say no.

Viola, it was a yes. It was a yes from the guy who did not want to think about it now. And they are together, hoping to let their hearts talk finally. Hoping to make some moments in which their brain don’t have a say. To finally be the lovers their heart wanted them to be.

Love- It can happen even if you are totally against it. Don’t go by what you/other person thinks; because you never know when the feelings change. You never know when the heart starts talking.


His heart was walked over by someone he loved more than his life. She left him for a guy who partied every night. He had shut the doors of his heart & wrote about his feelings in a diary.

She found the diary in a library. With every page, she found herself falling in love with his words. She thought- How do I find this guy? I will heal his heart without expecting anything. I will fill his life with love & instill in him a reason to live. She met him the next day while he was trying to find his diary on the same table. He took the diary & quickly left, hoping she had not read it; for she would think of him as a loser. They met everyday & she tried to talk to him. He slowly opened to her but maintained a distance. He didn’t realize it but he was happier than before. She would meet him everyday, crack jokes, know about his life, tell him about her project, share music, give him movie recommendations & in the entire process, transformed him bit by bit. His writing in the diary started changing. He wrote about happy things & she knew her work was done. There was no love involved, yet a feeling of oneness bonded them. He came to the library, only to find a letter which read-

“I am going back to my country. Stay happy & meet me if you ever come here. Start beleiving in love, for love shall find you again. You deserve all the happiness in this world. I love you my friend, now & forever.”

This letter filled his heart with love & life. And he started living yet again.

Love- Love finds you in unexpected ways. At times, not to stay, but to make your life beautiful & to teach you to live again

"The heart searches.."

I just finished watching ‘Jab We Met’ for the Nth time but it was a different experience this time. I was actually thinking deep while watching it. A lot of aspects touched my heart like anything. I could feel; the music, the happiness, the love, the pain. I could sense the aroma of love in the air. The movie spread a wave of happiness and magic on me instilling a lot of love and letting me into a stream of thoughts. Watch the movie here.

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