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Google has been a benchmark with it’s amazing Doodles. With the new Reunion Ad, featuring the popular Google Search, touched hearts, made people cry and hit them with nostalgia.

The Ad is relatable, because we all have found friends through the Internet. We’ve met, shared, laughed with old friends, revisited memories and formed bonds.

Google Search : Reunion is one of the warmest Ads I’ve ever seen. Watch it & share!

Watch the entire series here- http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-kIBfSqQg3uMx9Z1fOpc7WPw2wDvbhFu

"The LH"

I’ve heard about the Love- Hate relationships between people. Yes, a lot of them. But having it with a mere non-living thing was weird. I’d never heard of Oreo until I visited Dubai last year. They tasted good in the ice- cream, so yeah that was the love at first sight. But how could it love me back. It had to hate me so when I tasted the actual Oreo cookies back here in India, it was like a failed relationship. I saw no point gong back to them until this particular Oreo Mc Flurry was introduced few weeks back in India.

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"Someone, pls?"

Bachaoo.. Bachaoo.. Koi toh suno, screamed the girl with a tinge of fear in her eyes. A handsome man appears out of nowhere and the girl, that’s me cannot help but stare. My eyes are motionless and the body froze at the sight of this strong, handsome and gullible figure standing in front.

“Kaun hai?”, I ask in complete shock and bittersweet happiness, at the same time. Just trying to keep my feet down and not go to the heaven right above the stars I could see. I finally hear him speak for the first time trying to stand still and hiding my happiness.

” I am a proud citizen of ZangooraLand” and my name is Zangoora, he says in a flirtatious tone.

I was flattered and we hit a conversation instantly. There was a different level of chemistry with this man. He was naughty and witty, always trying to be cheesy. His tone made me swoon but I had to tone down my feelings.

He finally spoke “Jaaneman chalegi tu mere saath” which left me bewildered. Though I was petrified at the thought but he looked true to me. His sense of humour, his positivity and enthusiasm left a huge impression on me.

I decided to take the plunge and answered trying to be all pricey- “Jaaneman aur tumhari, kabhi nahin. Meri jooti bhi na bane tum jaise ki jaaneman”.

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Finally it’s time to reveal the Teaser Poster of “Zangoora” that still races my heartbeat and takes me to the world of dreams and absolute brilliance. Check out the old posts to know What is Zangoora, Where to watch it and The Cast & Crew.

"Is this It, it's not"

Wondering where is the poster, Oh it’s right here. The Incredible Bollywood Experience !!

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Zangoora- The larger than life dream, the magnificent view in front of your eyes, the grand Nautanki Mahal; everything exists. Now the only thing that can make this dream like place a super possibility is the Cast and Crew behind it. Although one would think that such a grand place can work with absolutely anything and everything, it is definitely not true. The mere reason is the critics and the reviews. If something is not good inside, however it  may dazzle; it would not dazzle the soul, the hearts of people. It would never let people connect with Zangoora.

The mastermind behind Zangoora is a genius of its kind. Let me put down the Cast and Crew of Zangoora. I am so sure it would dazzle anyone’s heart. It would make anyone jump on their seats and go watch the show.

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Cast of Zangoora”The main cast :

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"Beauty Unleashed"

The picture dazzles and the real  piece of architecture takes you to the times of kings with huge kingdoms and palaces. But this is the 21st century and there are no kings in Gurgaon. Yet there is a kingdom that transforms you to the dreamland, to the rich land. This is the “Nautanki Mahal” in Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon. The show that I have been raving about, Zangoora is performed here. Read about Zangoora here. It is indubitably India’s answer to Sydney’s Opera House, Paris’s Moulins Rouge and London’s Broadway.

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March 30th was The Day. The excitement and craziness could be well felt worldwide among the desis and a lot of videshis too. But the FUN in the Mohali Stadium was something like a Once in a Lifetime Chance !!I tried to capture a lot of the excitement and fun I had at the stadium. Some videos to share with everyone :

Check : http://www.youtube.com/anku2cute

Nd yes again my fone batter died !! Enjoy the moments we literally lived at the stadium 😀

Finally geared up for the Big Match. Bleed Blue !! Go Team India !! World Cup Humara hai !! Whatever be your Mantra, make sure you support Team India 😀

Lots of Love,


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