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And she had to end it. It was getting unbearable for her to take the pain. She never thought Love would give her so much pain, transform her into a feeling-less robot. All she wanted now was peace. He couldn’t believe she did what he had been doing all this time, leaving her; only thing different was she was determined to never return back.

He tried all means to get her back. He tried to make her remember all the good times but her heart had turned into a stone. He tried to make her lonely by spreading false news to her friends. She stayed quiet, not wanting to do anything. Her true friends stayed with her like a rock. He tried to tell her family but her family supported her. She knew it was not her mistake, he deserved it. All this time, he turned into a monster while she kept silent. Few months later, he realized his mistakes & tried to apologize. But he had already done more harm than he realized.

It’s been 5 years & he still waits for forgiveness from her. He never leaves a chance to apologize. But she has her life, a life with no place for someone who never knew the true meaning of love. She is happy today, without him, without his love. And he, is still waiting for forgiveness & by the looks of it, shall have to wait his entire life.

Love- Love never teaches you to make someone’s life hell. Remember the person you’re hurting is the same person you love. Even if things don’t work out, don’t turn into a monster. Try to make peace with things.



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