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His family asked him to stay away from her, for she was a Muslim. Her family instructed her to stay away from him, for he was a Hindu. But Love never taught them to differentiate between religions, it just taught them to love, with all their heart, with a motive to keep the other one happy. They had to lie to their families to meet, had to communicate through friends, leave indirect messages for each other. For they knew, nothing could separate them after being together for 7 years.

They knew problems would come at every step, giving up looked like a better option. But they held onto each other, for they knew Love shall win. And when it’s true Love, after a point, families too realize.

Today, they are going for their honeymoon to Newzealand, the place they always wanted to make love.

Love- True Love holds on to each other through tough times & wins the battle in the end. Giving up may look easy, but those who hold on, experience love all their life.


Her parents were forcing her to get married. But she just wanted him for life. And the moment came when she had to choose. He was with her decision & promised to never leave her side, no matter what the decision is. She couldn’t convince her family & her heart had to give up.

She is getting married in a few months & he has promised to help her select her wedding lehenga. He will be at her side, knowing they will never be together.

Love- There will be a time when you have to decide, just decide wisely.

Love- True love is experienced by a very few. True love is loving, even after you know you can’t have them anymore in your life. True love is never leaving their side, knowing they left you.


Marriage- A word most of us detest while we’re in our early 20’s. Every girl wants her prince charming, who’d be understanding, caring, affectionate and what not. While tweeting today, I randomly started tweeting about #MarryHim tweets which did get a good response. This gave me an idea that every girl, no matter how strict or soft she is; wants almost the same qualities in a man at the end.

Sharing the screenshots below where some of the things that would make any guy desirable. Ofcourse these are not benchmarks, but yes these are some things every girl desires for in her guy 🙂



Girls- Enjoy reading them & wishing for that guy to come. Guys- Try to be the guy explained above.

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"Is it"

“Donot talk to strangers, our parents always taught us. And one day they want us to spend our life with a stranger. What irony”

So you’re son is an IAS, you should easily get 5 crores as dowry. So your daughter has completed her graduation, I think it’s high time you start looking for a groom ; What’s your budget like how much money are you going to spend. Just about 1 crore or so, it would take away all my savings until now. Then you could get an engineer or a doctor or even a CA but depends if the guys like your girl.

That’s Arranged marriages in North India for you (maybe the rest of India too) and it’s the most important discussion that goes around when elderly people sit together. It’s as if they are discussing selling and buying the property or shares of a company. A guy is measured merely on the scale of qualification and his parents status quotient and then his selling price is decided by the so-called-society. On the other hand, a girl is merely a toy whose qualifications are generally kept aside or is a basic requirement and she can buy a groom on the basis of the amount of money her parents agree to spend. Like a bookie puts price bets , like a company announces share prices and like they make business deals. Some weddings are fixed for a bigger business. Some for a powerful son-in-law. And some just because the family has to wad off their girl. Sad but true.

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