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Dosti karni hai aasaan

Aur nibhaani mushkil.

(It’s easy to do friendship

And difficult to maintain it)


Ehsaas bayaan kar deti hai dosti

Jab shabd kam pad jaate hain.

(Feelings express the friendship

When words fall short)


Nibha sako toh mil jaye jannat

Nahin toh reh jaye bus woh dosti

(If you maintain friendship, you get heaven

Else it’s just the normal friendship left)


Bitor lo moti dosti ke

Paa lo khushiyan anmol woh

(Gather the pearls of friendship

And get precious happiness)


Par yaar rakhna..

Dosti karni hai aasaan

Aur nibhaani mushkil.

(But remember..

It’s easy to do friendship

And difficult to maitain it)

This is an ode to Friendship. The friends, who shall be there for Life, no matter the fights, no matter the time, no matter the distance, no matter the communication and no matter anything. This is friendship beyond the negativity, beyond the expectations and beyond the words.

Lucky are those who find such friends. I hope the essence of friendship (Friends for Life) was felt through this poem.




"Love Friendship and the Truth"

Shellz, she used to call me,

24/7 we used to be on the phone,

Mornings evenings and nights.

Friends for life was our mantra,

Nobody could have got it this right.

After all it was 3 years of friendship.


Until one day,

When she met Aakash.

The conversations increased,

The attendance in classes lessened,

But it was just about him.

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“Friendship is when u don’t HAVE to have a person in your life, but u WANT to have the person in your Life

True Friendship is when you know everything is going wrong..Still you want to have the person in your life :>..You know there is nothing left in your friendship except fights..But still you have hope that everything will be alrite :)..You know you can have much pretty friends but you are happy with your present ones…Friendship is a relationship that doesn’t see the outer beauty but looks inside..Your inside beauty-beauty of your thoughts,feelings :)..Friendship is not a blood relation but its much above that it coz it doesn’t demand anything :))

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Friendship is something that stays forever in your life..Friends may change but there is an essence called friendship that is just there always :)..It is the care that makes one stronger and keep you going..For some its just fun or time pass while for some its their life..Dosti can hurt you sometimes but – True friendship is worth the hurt too :>..You can always make choice while choosing your friend but the best ones you get by chance :)) …I met many of my closest friends just umm by chance ;)..So i would say take chances-kia pata kaun namuna mil jaaye 😛

For me dosti is very essential and is the most valuable gift god gave me.. God can give money fame name to everyone but his real gift- True friendship is given to only some..I cannot imagine my life alone -simply because i know i need someone to share my life with..My happiness i can share with anyone but i need a friend to console me,to share my sadness ,to share my excitement,my silliness,my kiddish harkatein 😛 ,to encourage me and to scold me when i do wrong :)..I love all my friends to the core..Dosti can just do wonders -Have faith :).. It’s a special day for all friends…Yayyy first sunday of August…Thats Friendship’s day 😀

🙂 🙂 Happy Friendship’s Day Everyone 🙂 🙂

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You –my friends , came to my life silently..And woahh it has changed my life so much..If i know myself 70% , i know some of my friends know me 100% -thats more than what i do :)..After your entry into my life i know myself a bit better..I could know so much of ME through U..Isiliye u and me make a gr8 combination :P..Bingo -no confusion ,only great combination *hehe* :P..It is said Friendship is love without wings“..Shayad that is why i never felt the need of love from anyone else i mean i never had to find love coz i have my berry berry ishhhspecial Friends 😀

My Net friends or i should say my saviours :)..Or my partners in crime or naughty devils or Angelic demons or my cutoos or my teddies or my LIFE 🙂 :)..You guys came to my life like 2.5 years back and now i cannot just get off the net :P..I can just go on and on with my faltoo stuff with you,without thinking if you are bored or not interested..Coz i knw you are my friends na..Haha so i can bore you without tension..I can be the real ME with U..No pretending or faking is required because you know my negative points along with my positive ones :)..And yea there are some friends who are just friends but not close friends because errr dunno..But i still adore you guys :)..My close friends Thanks a ton for standing besides me,for always pampering me (my di’s especially…Now nobody pampers so please start the pampering again..Anku needs it all the time :”>) and yep for loving me :)..Now as you know i am silly and stupid so you have to bear me coz ab toh i am your friend..Aasani se peecha nahin choot sakta :P..Someone very special once told me that i am a gud listener :)..Thanks friend coz each word you said is still so special..Ohh how could i forgot this..Thanks guys for such cuteeeee and special nicks you have given me..I cherish each and every name i have got *blushhhhh* ;)..Als i cherish and remember and love each moment spent with each of my net friend..I know i am in touch with many out of the net too and guys it just feels awesum :)…My sweets i hope i continue to a gud listener ,a gud helper, a gud problem solver and above all A GUD FRIEND 🙂

On this day .. I just want to tell all my friends-my dearies :)..I may get busy..I may not contact you..I may not seem the same to you..You may think i must have forgotten u..My hugs may lessen and my gudnites wishes may vanish..But you are there always and will be there forever :)..In my heart coz there is a special corner for all my friends..A place where no books,no time,nothing can enter..Place exclusively for my friends :))..Not saying just for the heck of it but i really mean it..In my life, friendship is more important to me than love..So ager kabhi love hua bhi ,donot worry coz you guys will have the same place :)..And lemme confess i loveee my friends more than Shahid also 🙂 :)..My crushes can just make me happy for a moment but not for my lifetime..So whenever you need someone,you can always count on Me !!

I hope i have supported my friends they wanted..I just wish and pray to god that he gives me the strength to always be with my friends :)..To comfort them and understand them…Also never hurt them…Which i am sure i might have done but trust me guys it was just unintentionally :)..I would try to be more sweet and gud this year..Will try to remember to love and love and just love 🙂 🙂

Once again i want to wish everyone..My childhood friends..My school friends..My tution friends..My Famil Friends…My cousins…My Family…My College friends and My Net friends :)..Happy Friendship’s day!! You make me complete :D..This is a locket that signifies that no matter what we will be friends…Bestest of friends..Forever and ever and ever 🙂 🙂

Loads of hugssss >:D:D<…Have a friendie day everyone 😛 🙂 :)!!And Yea lemme tell you my sweet friends…All this has been written personally by me for my friends..Everything exclusively for my friends so any chor please avoid chorying 😛

Love ya loads and tonnes,


“Some Friendships may surprise you, so never hesitate giving it a TRY “

Friendship is an integral part of everyone’s life. Right from childhood, we make friends  to share and care. We share most things with our good friends and share everything with our best friends :). Somebody asked me a question sometime back – Should we have just 1 or 2 Best friends? This question took me to the world of thoughts and I kept thinking. It’s a pattern for people to just be open with their besties and not try sharing things with just the good friends..

But imagine that your best friend is not with you for some reason. They are busy or cannot be contacted at that moment. Will u just sit and cry and not tell anyone else. You will wait for your best friend to come and comfort you ?? Just think about it. Why not give it a try, and tell your problem to some other friend and see if they can comfort you. You might feel – Oh i can feel fine only with my best friend but you may be proved wrong. I’d say never stop yourself from giving it a TRY!! You never know your friendship with some other friend might just surprise you. It might just turn so very comfortable for you. All it needs is having confidence and trying it out !

I have experienced such encounters personally so i wanted to write about this. I always had just like some very close friends with whom i shared my feelings when i was sad. The  happy things were shared with everyone but when it was the low phase, i would just keep it to myself and wait for my close friends :]. But as i shared what was bothering me with a good friend, i felt better. It didn’t seem as though anyone else was needed. Her thoughts comforted me, put me at ease and gave me a new insight. I am glad i took a chance because i knew i had found another diamond.

 Try not judging your friendship. Like don’t think ohh !! this person cannot make me feel better. Life is just about trying and since friendship forms a major chunk of our life, don’t hesitate to try. If it doesnt happen once, do not stop trying. Because life is all about never trying and not stopping after a failure. Just go on!!. Try to open up and have the confidence in your friendship. It won’t ever let you down and even if it does, it’ll teach you a lesson and leave. Stay Happy and stay friendly 🙂


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