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Her parents were forcing her to get married. But she just wanted him for life. And the moment came when she had to choose. He was with her decision & promised to never leave her side, no matter what the decision is. She couldn’t convince her family & her heart had to give up.

She is getting married in a few months & he has promised to help her select her wedding lehenga. He will be at her side, knowing they will never be together.

Love- There will be a time when you have to decide, just decide wisely.

Love- True love is experienced by a very few. True love is loving, even after you know you can’t have them anymore in your life. True love is never leaving their side, knowing they left you.


He fell in love with her smile. She fell in love with his words.He fell in love with her simplicity. She fell in love with his innocence.He fell in love with her loving ways. She fell in love with his care.

But they parted ways, knowing that some things are not meant to be. They had just come out of a bad relationship. They never wanted to give it another chance.

Love- At times, you realize the good things in the other person after they’re out of your life. But then, Love gives limited chances as well.


They loved each other but she didn’t want to lose her best friend. He never thought she could love him, for she was the most beautiful girl he had ever met. They spent all the time with each other making memories.

He was her emergency number. She was his feel-good person. It was getting difficult for both of them to see the other as just-a-friend. They decided to change cities without telling the other.

He- I’ll leave her a letter before going. I don’t want her to get hurt.

She- I’ll drop him an e-mail before going. He would be devastated otherwise.

Everything was packed. They were set to leave for their new destinations, only after confessing their true feelings. They just wanted the other one to be happy with whoever they fall in love with.

He dropped the letter & she sent the e-mail, not knowing that she had already left the house for forever & he had deleted his e-mail id for forever. Their love could be an epic love story but ..

..they never came to know.

Love- If you love someone & you feel it’s true, express it. Your story could be an epic love story. Express before time fails you.



She knew her dad would come to pick her any moment, yet she wanted to meet him. Even a look would be enough to make her happy for the rest of the day. She hopped over to his practise room & gazed at him for five long minutes. Love was teaching her how to take risks. And she couldn’t be happier as she skipped heartbeats.

She would take the risk of telling him that she loved him.

Love- Love can make you stronger & teach you how to take risks.


“Love cannot be defined, it can only be felt. In those heartwarming messages, soft hugs & passionate kisses”

Love- an emotion we feel towards very few people in our life. These diaries are a set of “fictional situations/stories” to potray the feeling of love & bring about a lesson with them. I shall also try to share some real life stories from people. At times, hearts break & other times broken hearts are mended by this very emotion. It’s said to be one of the strongest ever emotions which can heal a tormented person & which can hurt a happy person.

People say one should feel this emotion atleast once in their life. “It’s better to have lost in love than to never have felt it”. Attraction, Crush, Love- all very different from each other yet all have a similarity between them — > You’re happy even without a reason for a moment.

I shall try to bring out all sides of love through the “Love Diaries” project. Stay tuned & fall in love, yet again !



A small life it is,

Where you come alone, And you go alone.

A long life it is,

When you come alone, Untill you go back alone.


The time in between is important,

From the childhood to the Old age.

This is the time, When you need that person,

The person for the lifetime.

The person who can stand by,

For all this time.

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