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Dear God,

Whatever you do is for a reason though we may or may not understand. At times, we abuse you because things don’t happen our way. Other times, we thank you because you’ve given us much more than we expected or deserved. Though we abuse much more than the thanking, all because we don’t realize our patience is being tested or we’re not seeing the bigger picture of life.

I have done the same, not once, but numerous times. There have been times I’ve lost faith too, and totally got disconnected from you. But faith has returned & you’ve tried to give me the best, even if it looked bad to me. Today, I totally understand what you mean when you say- Have faith, have patience & trust me. There have been times you tested my faith & tempted me, only to see how much I trusted you.

Also, it’s said that you punish those who hurt us & do wrong. But Dear God, I just have one request. Donot hurt them who’ve hurt me, for they were once special & dear to me. For they made me happy, even if it was for a moment. For they’ve left me with a valuable lesson of life.

I thank you for whatever you’ve given me, for whatever you’ve taken from me. For you, know the best.

Yours sincere child,


P.S- I really wanted to express these emotions & it feels good. I am sure my words reach out to you.



I came to know about Salasar about 2 years back when a trip was being planned, which remained a plan until now. Finally I was going to visit this divine holy place in Rajasthan during the Independence weekend. It is famous for Hanuman ji’s mandir  but what makes it stand out from the other temples is that the idol placed here of Hanuman ji has a beard. Although I am not too religious, this trip was good with all the fun and the pleasant weather . Although most of the time went in travelling.

Reaching the Place– There are several routes to reach this small city. Most preferred route is via Jaipur/ Delhi. There is a road via Hanumangarh too which is a smooth travel. The route which we took while going  via Hisar/ Churu was very bad, so you could avoid that. It took us approximately 10 hours to reach the place from Chandigarh.

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