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She knew her dad would come to pick her any moment, yet she wanted to meet him. Even a look would be enough to make her happy for the rest of the day. She hopped over to his practise room & gazed at him for five long minutes. Love was teaching her how to take risks. And she couldn’t be happier as she skipped heartbeats.

She would take the risk of telling him that she loved him.

Love- Love can make you stronger & teach you how to take risks.



Life is always filled with one word – “Uncertainty“. Life comes with many opportunities , some we grab & others pass by. But a lot of times we do not take them up because we are uncertain if they will work out. Many times, this word “uncertain” scares us and we feel like not doing anything is the best possible thing. But we do not realize that our entire life is revolving around this word.

You have a very successful job, you wake up one day; the economy has crashed, your company decides to shut & your entire life that you must have planned is uncertain in just a matter of few hours. You’ve always thought of going to a certain college but due to your sudden bad health, you’re unable to make it ; again it’s all uncertain. There are countless such situations & examples which prove that Life will never go as we’ve planned , there will always be an iota of uncertainty associated with everything.But my question is then Why do we get scared of taking risks where we know before hand that there is a lot of uncertainty associated with the risk?

There is a very simple explanation to it. As we grow up, we grow in an environment that tells us to just do things that are safe. We are never taught to take risks or do something that would not reach it’s destination. However, I’d say until you take risks, until you learn to have faith on yourself, until you learn the hard way, until you do things that make you happy even though they may be risky; you’ve not really lived Life. If you’d live safely all your life, at the end of it; you’ll realize that you have just passed Life, not actually Lived it.

Take risks even if you know success is uncertain, be it in professional Life or personal Life. It’s this word uncertain that makes life exciting & worth living. You don’t need to be a rebel & do everything that is risky, but at times just plunge in the “uncertain” events and see how Life takes you to a different journey all together.

Keep thinking. And think if you’ve ever done something that was not certain but you took the risk. If you have, smile, for you’ve done something for yourself that seemed wrong to the world but it was right for you 🙂


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