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"The Movie I felt"

This is not the best movie I’ve ever watched, but it is definitely the Best Movie I ever ‘felt’, came a voice from within the moment the movie ended.  Mausam released yesterday i.e. September 23rd, 2011 after all the postponing and hulahu of the certificates. The promos had generated a tad too much of expectations amongst the viewers. Also it was Pankaj Kapur’s movie who is considered a legendary, a very fine actor having potrayed some very strong roles, which raised the expectations a lot more.

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"The heart searches.."

I just finished watching ‘Jab We Met’ for the Nth time but it was a different experience this time. I was actually thinking deep while watching it. A lot of aspects touched my heart like anything. I could feel; the music, the happiness, the love, the pain. I could sense the aroma of love in the air. The movie spread a wave of happiness and magic on me instilling a lot of love and letting me into a stream of thoughts. Watch the movie here.

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