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"Children need Love"

The boy screamed – “Mom, we are leaving the house. We hate you” and shuts the door in anger, while his sister follows him. The woman sits there confused but she had other important things to care about-her social circle, her society status, her vacations. She was least bothered about her two children who grew in front of her eyes yet she never realized that they had crossed their teens. But today was different, her husband was amidst a financial crisis and her children wanted to leave the house. This pressure was very difficult for her to handle. She sat there in thought – “ We have always given every comfort to our children. Yet they always fight but this is the limit. This is just going out of hand” .

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“I wish i could feel that beautiful feeling”

She closed her eyes only to see an unstructured picture of her dream guy. But she knew her family was conservative and things won’t ever work out. The day she entered college , she promised her parents to never let them down or break their trust. But her heart could never come to the terms. She went with a firm mind to not fall for anyone, lest she shall deceive her family. Continue reading

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