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"Love Friendship and the Truth"

Shellz, she used to call me,

24/7 we used to be on the phone,

Mornings evenings and nights.

Friends for life was our mantra,

Nobody could have got it this right.

After all it was 3 years of friendship.


Until one day,

When she met Aakash.

The conversations increased,

The attendance in classes lessened,

But it was just about him.

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"A world of Me, Myself"

When I look back,

I see care, I see love;

When I look closely,

I see distrust, I see fakeness;

When I peek a little more,

I see a bubble made of lies;

The dreams are shattered,

The strings are broken.

"I look back"

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I got a week to spend with my little cousin.. He just turned 4 this Saturday and spending so much time with him made 1 thing clear- Children have their own fairy land 🙂 :).. This land is just unique to every kid and innocent to the core.. Kids have their own fantasy stories which have no starting and no end.. They are just stories which are surely gonna bring a smile to your face :).. The concept maybe based on something they say or something they like..

My cousin is crazyy about Cars so he was always into them.. Loads of cars and stuff for him and still he wants more.. Whenever he was bored, he didnot need a person to listen to his stories or randomings, He would just go on and on.. Kids are so innocent at heart that if you shout at them, they would just start crying.. They dunt know if they have done right or wrong but they know if someone is shouting means start crying..Haha yeah they are surely very smart.. But their Smiles and their innocence melts your heart..

Playing with them is an absolute joy and such a stress releifer.. You automatically become a child and forget all the tensions for a while.. When you make them eat or when u have to stop them for crying, you need to be innovative and try out new tricks 😛 ;-).. You have to be on your toes to keep them entertained.. One dosent realize that it we who is getting entertained in the whole process :).. Kids are living their best life but they want to grow up.. They dunt know that a real world is waiting for them.. With not so welcoming hands.. But Kids have made their own world :)..Being a kid again with my lil naughty cousin just made me think..How was I as a child..I think i wanna sing this now..

Give me some sunshine
Give me some rain
Give me another chance
I wanna grow up once again
I wanna cherish the childhood once again
I wanna live the fantasies once again


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