"Love Friendship and the Truth"

Shellz, she used to call me,

24/7 we used to be on the phone,

Mornings evenings and nights.

Friends for life was our mantra,

Nobody could have got it this right.

After all it was 3 years of friendship.


Until one day,

When she met Aakash.

The conversations increased,

The attendance in classes lessened,

But it was just about him.


Just in a matter of few days,

He became the only one,

Who was talked about,

The mornings were spent finding excuses,

To go ride with him.

This followed with more brainstorming,

To go around with him.

The afternoon went around waiting,

For her over lunch.

The evenings went giving reasons,

To her parents for her absence.

And the nights went by,

Listening to her “love” story.


I was happy; for, my friend had found love,

For she was happy, for he was the one.

He made her feel special,

He loved her with all his heart,

He just made her go world round.


Few months passed,

Things got bad,

The ignoring,the excuses,the missing.

I got the calls, only when they had a fight;

Because she knew I could calm her down.

I kept silent, For her sake,

For our friendships sake.


A whole year passed,

There were no conversations,

He was her world now.

There were no replies to texts,

There was no response to calls,

College ended,

I thought a lot,

How could love win over friendship,

How could she ignore me to such an extent.


And there she was one fine day,

With a red face, with fierce eyes,

How dare you blame my boyfriend,

How dare you call me that,

I know you never cared for me,

I know you did friendship with me,

Just because I was rich,

Just so you could attend parties.

And you were never happy with me being happy,

With my love.

You wanted me to part away from him,

But bitch it’ll never happen,

Not in this lifetime.

I don’t want such a selfish friend,

I don’t want to talk to you ever,

Never call me, Go die BITCH.

And left.


Leaving me with tears, a shocked face;

And a lot of pain in my heart.

I could not believe my ears,

I thought it was a dream,

But it was the truth, it was the damned truth.

I knew they weren’t her words,

Her Aakash had fed it well.

I thought she’ll come back,

This period of darkness would get over,

Months passed, and I moved cities,

With a ray of hope she’d return.


The memories still linger, the pain still shatters me;

I knew I had tried my best, to convince her,

But the love of magic had overpowered her mind.

She’d forgotten about our friendship,

And the good times we’d spent.

But somewhere inside it killed me,

Its been a year since that incident.

I decided to move on,

A friend who could not understand me,

Who believed a guy she met months ago more,

Than someone who was her shadow since years.


I have new friends,I have found love;

But never have I thought like her,

Friendship is something I cherish,

For it gives me life, It makes me complete.

I know how to value friends,

With my love besides me.

I know how to balance them out,

I know I don’t want to be that friend,

Who ditched friendship for love.

**Writing it from a girl’s perspective. And it DOES NOT apply to everybody.

I know a lot of people who fought with friends over their boyfriends.I have seen friends ignoring friends, if not going this extreme. Love is a beautiful feeling but not at the expense of your other relationships. People should learn to balance it out and not just let anyone overpower their mind. Value people around you and don’t even think about leaving them just for the sake of one person.

Thankfully I’ve never faced much brunt of such a situation. But I’ve seen people who gone through a lot. I am sure a lot of people would be able to relate to it. Though I still think I’ll write a blog post on it sometime soon 🙂

Hope you guys liked the poem. Positive/Negative criticism is welcome. Thanks for reading.